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Motion Pictures

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is had when thousands of pictures are linked, frame by frame, into dancing, rolling narratives? Let’s explore! Here are a number of my films.



An image shared is one of the most powerful means of communication. Here-in  is  a number of photo essays I’ve put together over time; perspectives from many journeys through the years.


The End of the Road…and the start of new era!

Back in January of 2000, my brother and I took a drive out onto the Mississippi Delta. That journey would inspire a great deal of creative work for me over the years. Our simplistic, minimally planned style of traveling would inform my favored method of exploring  for years to come. Here is a brief photo-essay of  that significant adventure.

Picture 3 End of Road


Beyond Padlocked Gates: Dissolving Institutions

Here is a photography collection Dissolving Institutions that was featured in a show in Greenwich Village of NYC in the spring of 2015. These are images of various abandoned industrial and institutional environments I have encountered in my travels.

dissolving institutions

For Heath’s sake: A blog

img-4325In a word or two….thoughts, writings, musings, rants, raves and inspirations.

Reflecting Beyond the Walls: Some thoughts on my photo-essay Dissolving Institutions.

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